Data analysis
Marketing operationsLocation:MakatiHiring: 1Experiences: 2 years
1. Collect, organize and analyze business-related data and information to build a complete data model to provide effective data support for operational decision-making. 2. Use automation to process data and improve efficiency of routine data processing. 3. Identify existing or potential risks for existing business, then plan risk mechanism and provide risk analysis results to help business process improvement and operational risk aversion. 4. Monitor whether there are data gaps in operation products. 5. Identify suspicious or high-risk users by analyzing their trading patterns and track whether they are involved in improper activities. 6. Monitor and analyze customer account transactions to identify unauthorized transactions and corrupt users. 7. Assist other special project tasks according to needs.
1. University degree or above, major in statistics, mathematics or information related, or background in data analysis. 2. Be familiar with any of the following tools: SAS, R, Python, VBA, SPSS. 3. Familiar with database SQL operation (query, add, modify). 4. Data Mining technology is a plus. 5. Learn actively, explore new knowledge, and apply it quickly to work. 6. Work conscientiously and conscientiously, conscientiously and conscientiously, and pay attention to teamwork and time management. 7. Good communication skills.
Data analysis
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